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The oldest association of freight & logistics service providers in the Middle East

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The National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) was founded in Dubai in February 1992 as mandated by the Government of Dubai to respond to the need to bring together the increasing number of freight and logistics service providers in the UAE. NAFL, previously named National Committee of Freight Forwarders (NCFF), is the first national association of freight forwarders to be established in the Arabian Gulf.


Shortly after its establishment, on March 31, 1992, NAFL achieved another feat by becoming the first and only national association from an Arabian Gulf country to join the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). Since then, NAFL has been a staunch supporter of FIATA.

From a total of 24 members at the time of its inception, NAFL has now grown more than ten-fold with a current roster of 350 members. This growth signified the important role of the NAFL to spearhead relevant training programs, which are crucial in the development of a corporation, as well as the industry.


The NAFL Training Institute was launched in 1995 and from then on has continuously provided programs that aim to increase industry knowledge and skills of the members; expand the horizons of human intellect and overall personality of the training participants; help improve the quality of work and work-life, and most importantly, help increase the productivity of the members that help their organization further to achieve their business goals.

Hand in hand with FIATA, NAFL advocates international logistics-centered conferences for their learning and networking opportunities. NAFL, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, has hosted the FIATA World Congress twice, in 1999 and 2007.

To date, by largely focusing on ensuring the UAE’s leading position in the international transport and logistics arena, NAFL’s members not only their places as the major players in the UAE’s freight and logistics field, but also as foremost facilitators of other fast-growing industries.



To raise the freight and logistics industry standards in the UAE  and be the preeminent choice as an association of freight.

The NAFL strives to live by its vision statement and corporate slogan by advocating the following business goals that are embodied in the initials of our organization.

N - Nurture and protect the interests of the committee members, which will ultimately ensure a harmonious relationship among each other.

A - Advise the government on steps needed to develop the industry, and participate - when invited – in the preparation of rules, regulations and laws in co-operation with the concerned authorities, and  offer suggestions on methods for their implementation.

F - Facilitate programs and activities that will support local and international government initiatives and policies, relating to the regulation and development of the freight forwarding industry and its related trades.

 L - Lead the freight forwarding and logistics community in raising the industry performance standards within the region; as well as worldwide.


To be the leading freights and logistics association and seen as the industry voice. with the best sought after value added services to its members.  Simultaneously raise industry standards in the UAE and the region and showcasing the UAE as the top logistics global hub through its outstanding infrastructure. 

Core Values

 True ethical value-added services in a holistic manner while incorporating a great CSR aspect to what we do on a regular basis.

In addition we are offering members value added services that are not available elsewhere, working with them as long term partners with our main focus being satisfying our members and opening business opportunities and solving their industry problems via our network with the UAE government.

NAFL Core Values chart:


NAFL believes in work ethics and transparency, full commitment to the organization, its members and stakeholders as well as the community it operates in .   It ensure all are respected and cared for and also strives for continuous excellence with the resources it has available.  .Team efforts are all focused on serving the members the best of service and value for money membership package.

NAFL President

I am very delighted to serve as a President of NAFL, First and foremost, I would like to thank HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, our Honorary Patron for all his unconditional support to us over the 24 years and his trust in me and our New Board. I also would like to thank all our members who have trust in my work over the years WHEN I SERVED AS Secretary General and now as President. I assure them all, that I will do my utmost best to always offer our members the best value added services through their membership. I will be introducing new services, events, trainings and introduce cost effective suppliers for our members to ensure the members achieve their corporate objectives and also get cost reductions for their organizations.

Through it all, our association keeps focused on meeting its mission by advocating on your behalf, providing the education and vocational training your employees need to raise the service standards, and building an engaged community of like-minded professionals and creating business platforms to obtain increased business networks for our members.

I will also strive to get you the relevant business contacts to enhance your work in the region. This association has been serving the needs of its members since it was incorporated 24 years ago. I and my board will be building on the strong foundation laid by previous national boards and the presidents who came before us. We aim at delivering Excellence through smart Education and training in addition we will all work on raising the standards in our industry by creating awareness on cargo insurance, liability insurance, Health Insurance, contracts with clients and standard freight terms and conditions. I assure you we will be the one stop training and association for most of your corporate needs.

Certificate program re-design and updation with new competency assessments, improved exams and new textbooks for both International Transportation & Trade and Essentials of Freight Forwarding. Successful transition to virtual classrooms.

Development of new delivery models and partnership agreements with reputed universities across the country means registration in the NAFL course is available in many platforms.

Having JV’s with Global universities for the e-learning courses has also been taking place and is an excellent way for you to advance. We have e learning courses by Harvard University, Princeton, Berkely, and MIT all at your fingertips online.

We have recently also introduced with FIATA an exchange program on an e-portal.

I promise all our valued members and advisory board that I will ensure we deliver the top world class training courses not only for the freight and logistics industry but even other related industries. Our main focus is to enhance standards by high quality hands on training and on the job experience at your convenience.

I will ensure I am up to your expectations and will do my best to achieve your corporate objectives through NAFL membership. I will ensure I work on offering you more value added services via this membership and solve any industry problems. I am also working on high profiles events, networking platforms and global events. I will be working on various value added training courses both freight related and management.

I am also working on opening job opportunities for your graduates and UAE nationals. I will also focus on CSR and working with special needs persons to assist and offer job opportunities through our members and also to support these schools and students.

I have introduced a new green initiative for recycling and hope our members do not waste any materials and can sustain our environment.

I will also focus on creating synergy between us and all the UAE cities where by we can showcase and utilize all the opportunities available in all the UAE and assist our members and potential freight/logistics investors to utilize them. I have the nationalization initiative to sponsor UAE students to take freight courses at our Association as part of our CSR activities and also to attract more talent in the industry.

I will strive to be in line with our governments strategies and will ensure we work as partners to enhance the standards in this industry. We will also work on smart services, innovation and bringing in FDI into the UAE. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Our Rulers for also supporting women to have leadership positions as it has really impacted my life and my confidence at work

Feel free to contact me for any assistance on anything related to our industry or country where we will surely assist you.


Nadia Abdul Aziz



CM4156998@Ahmad-bin-Said-Al1The Chairman

The National Association of Freight & Logistics was established on the principle of providing a platform for the local companies that engage in freight forwarding and transport logistics services. At the outset, this is all very straightforward, a closer look, however, would tell of a much more intricate and fascinating story.

The UAE’s freight forwarding and logistics industries convey what this great country has accomplished in what many may consider as a short span of time. Indeed, the UAE’s history is yet to boast of longevity — but what our country lacks in age, we compensate with experience.

The world has witnessed our country’s groundbreaking achievements in the freight and transport logistics industries. And with the country’s first-rate infrastructure, the UAE has become a major player in global and regional trade, while ultimately developing into the global transport gateway of choice.

With the freight forwarding and logistics industries being highly regarded by the government and global business players as the prime movers of the UAE economy, the members of the NAFL play a very important role in upholding our country’s reputation of excellence within the local and international arena.

In line with this, I applaud the initiatives and endeavors of the NAFL that set the benchmark for a more improved industry and drive their members to display a new level of professionalism and global consciousness.

As Patron and friend of the NAFL, I will continue to advocate programs and activities of the Group that would encourage a much-needed venue for our local freight forwarders and logistics professionals to network and link up with their regional as well as international counterparts, which would hopefully bring about more pioneering projects that would again inspire great stories to tell about our country and the freight forwarding and logistics industries.