Freight Forwarding, Logistics, DGR CAT 6, IMDG

The NAFL is well placed here in the UAE to deliver the Diploma program using the full range of training methods available. We believe that adults learn’s best by doing’ so, although there will always be a need for some lecture style sessions, traditional classroom chalk and talk methods will be minimized. Emphasis will be placed on practical exercises, case studies and visits to see actual operations at work. These visits, at a minimum, comprise the ports of Jebel Ali, Port Rashid, and Dubai Airport, where the full range of cargo activities are both described and demonstrated. At Port Rashid, peripheral activities at the passenger terminal and container repair yard are included.

It is our intention to use Industry Professionals to deliver the course content. Whilst this makes the number of available lecturers (or facilitators to be more accurate) small and subject to change as business travel or work load within their own companies dictates it does mean that a huge store of experience and knowledge is available on the spot.

At Jebel Ali, the extensive Free Zone provides numerous locations where Third Part Logistics (3PL) are practiced a visit here forms part of the Warehousing module. Dubai Airport has the Cargo Village, dedicated freighter aircraft and is adding Cold-Chain and Flower Auction facilities.