Membership Details


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Ordinary Membership – Ordinary Membership is open to freight forwarding companies and offices holding a U.A.E. license from the competent authority, having the membership of the relevant Chamber of Commerce, and maintaining a paid-up capital of not less than AED 300,000/- (Dirhams Three Hundred Thousand) or such other paid-up capital as the Executive Board may, in its sole discretion, decide on a case by case basis and from time to time.

Associate Membership – Associate Membership shall be open to U.A.E. offices, institutions or organizations with similar activities or objectives, other than those entitled to Ordinary Membership under (1) as above.

1. The Executive Board may, within its discretion, grant Executive Support Membership to individuals who have unconditionally supported and       assisted the organization and in particular the Executive Board, in the conduct and administration of the NAFL.

2. Each potential ordinary or associate member shall submit an application to the Executive Board who shall study the application and decide within one month whether to accept or reject it. In case of rejection, the potential member may appeal to the General Assembly within a period of three months, after which the decision of the General Assembly shall be final and binding.

3. A member may be dismissed from the organization in the following cases: Liquidation of his company of office; Revocation of his trade licence; Acceptance of a written application from him for withdrawal; and Decision of the Executive Board for his expulsion from the organization passed by two thirds majority, subject to the right of the expelled member to appeal to the General Assembly.

4. A member who has been dismissed may be reinstated to membership by a decision of the Executive Board passed by two thirds majority, provided that the reasons for his dismissal are removed. Such a member may be required to pay all fees due from him during the time of his dismissal.